When To Book Your Newborn Session | Courtney Dorsey Photography | WV, OH, KY Newborn Photographer | Barboursville West Virginia

I get a lot of messages with the question “Courtney when is the best time to book my newborn session” and I feel like it deserves not just an answer but also an explanation so it made it to the blog ❤️. 

Newborn sessions are time sensitive and precious and and definitely can’t be replicated. That window where your brand new baby will sleep through being posed as though they are still all snuggled up inside of momma’s womb is short. And not to mention they change so quickly every.single.day right?!

I love to have your baby in the studio between 6-14 days after birth as a general rule. Now, there are lots of considerations that go into that rule: due date, birth weight, twins, early deliveries, circumcision for boys, etc. but that’s the general rule of thumb I like to give momma’s. 

I also photograph lots of little ones after that 14 days, just with some expectations that some poses might not be an option and we may have more wrapped shots than “nakey” ones.

With that being said, the best time to get you on the books is during your second trimester. I only take a certain number of newborn sessions per month to ensure I can give you the best possible experience and be able to work around your delivery date whether it be right on time, early, or late. 

I often get lots of messages from families after baby has already arrived and many times it’s just not possible to work you in around families I have been on call for that month. And let’s be honest I adore all of your tiny humans and do not want to turn anyone away, so shoot us a message or call and let’s get you on the schedule early! 

After we get you all squared away it’s just a matter of letting me know after your sweet bundle of joy has arrived and we will make a plan based on what’s best for you, baby, and myself for a specific day and time for your session. 

I hope this helps explain why it’s important to plan ahead for newborn sessions. If you have any questions at all, shoot me an email and let’s chat! 

Courtney <3